The history, records and driving force behind our great Club

The club has more than 500 active members.The stadium has hosted international Competitions as well as national, Provincial and Local championships for NACA, schools and many other organizations. It is a favorite place for athletes from all over the country due to its excellent facilities.

Many sporting events are held at the stadium every year.The annual Tullamore Half Marathon, which revolves around the Quinlan Cup and the Phyllis Delaney Cup, is often considered one of the best half marathons held in Ireland.


Club History

A meeting of nine young men held under a street light in the main street in Tullamore resulted in the founding of Tullamore Harriers. The nine young men then adjourned to Clarke’s Barber Shop where the first committee was elected. But even the most far-sighted of the nine men who came together on that night of 13th November, 1953 as founder members of the club could scarcely be credited with foresight sufficient to envisage the growth that was to ensue over the following four decades. The first Chairman was John Dowling who later went on to become President of the G.A.A. The other founding members were Paddy Larkin (RIP), Noel Gowran (RIP), Mick McDermott (RIP), Brendan McDermott (RIP), Noel Houlihan (RIP),Andrew Lowbridge, Billy Dowling (RIP) and Larry Fox (RIP).

Club Records

Over the years, members of Tullamore Harriers have achieved many triumphs and records. These records have been achieved both at home and abroad. Stated in the table are the records which our members hold in athletics. Male and female records for both indoor and outdoor events are stated.

Event Name Performance Conditions
Male Records
100m Gordon Kennedy 10.75 (Wind + 1.2), 13/8/2000, Tullamore
200m Gordon Kennedy 21.35 (Wind + 1.4), 19/8/2000, Santry
300m Gordon Kennedy 33.36 13/10/2000, Sydney
400m Gordon Kennedy 46.48 28/7/2007, Huesden
800m Mark Milner 1.48.30 17/06/2021, Milan
1500m(Indoor) Martin Flynn 3:43.53 1987, USA
Mile Martin Flynn 4.00.80 1987
3000m John O'Toole 8.10 1984
3000m(Indoor) James Dunne 7:54.73 27/2/2022, Boston
2 Miles Martin Flynn 8.46.29 1987
3000m S/C Kevin Breen 9.04.80 1973
5000m Martin Flynn 13.43.50 1986
10000m John O'Toole 28.54.21 1987
110m H Eoin Hannon (J) 15.26 (Wind + 0.4), 22/06/2007, Mannheim
400m H Padraig Greally (J) 53.89 1986
4 x 100m A. Whelan, G. Kennedy, E. Hannon, F. Hannon 41.60 14/08/2010, Tullamore
4 x 400m A. Whelan, G. Kennedy, E. Hannon, F. Hannon 3:14.50 14/08/2010, Tullamore
4 x 800m J. Milner, C. Milner, M. Flynn, J. Doyle 7.49.50 1988
Long Jump Eoin Hannon 7.45 (Wind + 0.7), 21/7/2007, Hengelo
High Jump Alex Brett 2.00m 1988
Triple Jump Jordan Hoang 14.93 (Wind 0.7), 18/6/2017, Bedford
Pole Vault Darragh Hanlon 3.40m 08/08/2009, Tullamore
Pole Vault Stephen Kelly 3.40m 14/08/2010, Tullamore
Shot Putt Babu Matthew 12.89m 29/7/2007, Cork IT
Discus Darragh Hanlon 41.63m 18/7/2010, Athlone
Javelin David Courtney (J) 65.00m 1982
Hammer John Thompson 59.40m 7/7/1996, Belfield
Decathlon Adrian Curley 5,136 pts 1989
3000m Walk Paul Horan 15.03.3 1979
5000m Walk Seamus Rigney 27.51.0 1987
10K John O'Toole 28.34.0 1984
10 Miles John O’Toole 47.19.0 1983
Half Marathon Andy Catton 65.37.0 1990
Marathon John O Toole 2:20.40 1982, Cork
Nat. C.C. Ind. Liam Brady 1st 2019
Nat. C.C. Team Tommy McCormack(13), Mick Hayden (28), Jim Martin (36), Paddy Walsh (56) 5th 1973
Leinster C.C. Team L Brady(1), M Molloy(17), J Donegan (19), P Berry(20), L Mooney(26), D Fox(35), C Butler, T Harpur, M Harpur 1st 2018
Midnight Run Mick Hayden 12.48 1971
Midnight Run Fr. Kieran McGovern 12.48 1981
Grand National (4 laps) John O’Toole 15.12 1982
Grand National (3 laps) Johnny Feery 12.06 1997
Neville 10 John O’Toole 50.43 1991
Gowran 8 Andy Catton 41.16 1991
McNamara 5 John O’Toole 24.21 1991
Peter English 625 Aaron Mangan 1.26.40 2019
60m(Indoor) Laurence O Reilly 6.96 2013, Senior Indoor AIT
60H(Indoor) Patrick Heffernan 8.4 2017, Nat NIA
200m(Indoor) Dean Power 22.18 2013, Junior Athlone
400m(Indoor) Gordon Kennedy 49.78 2010, Glasgow
800m(Indoor) Mark Milner 1.49.75 2019, AAI Games NIA
1500m(Indoor) Martin Flynn 3.43.53 1987, Johnson City TN, USA
1 mile(Indoor) Martin Flynn 4.00.80 1987, Johnson City TN, USA
2 miles(Indoor) Martin Flynn 8.37.98 1986, Johnson City TN, USA
3000m(Indoor) Cormac Troy 8.21.95 1997, Nat Nenagh
Long Jump(Indoor) Eoin Hannon 7.73 2009, Juniors Nenagh
High Jump(Indoor) Jan Vesil 1.75 2009, Leinsters Nenagh
Triple Jump(Indoor) Jordan Hoang 14.9 2017, U20 Athlone
Shot(Indoor) Joe Mulligan 10.04 2010, Len Sen Nenagh
3k Walk(Indoor) Larry Rigney 19.48.2 2009, Nenagh
Female Records
100m Rachel Keane 12.17 (Wind 0.1), 23/7/2016, Tullamore
200m(Indoor) Rachel Keane 25.63 26/2/2017, Abbottstown
400m Ann-Marie Larkin McGlynn 58.53 15/6/2008, Santry
800m Ann-Marie Larkin McGlynn 2:07.10 31/05/2003, Tullamore
1500m Ann-Marie Larkin McGlynn 4.17.6 13/05/2001, Santry
Mile Ava O Connor 4.48.19 13/02/2022, Seattle
3000m(Outdoor) Laura Mooney 9:27.42 12/06/2021, Santry
3000m(Indoor) Laura Mooney 9:18.83 10/02/2022, Boston
5000m Laura Mooney 16.09:43 Rhode Island
10000m Laura Mooney 33.23.95 28/04/2022, Philadelphia
100m H Aine Brennan 17.03 15/6/2008, Santry
400m H Chloe Harte 69.89 20/5/2017, Santry
4 x 100m K. Bourke, K. Cunningham, S. Slattery, K. Farrelly 50.44 2018, Tullamore
4 x 400m A. O Connor, J. Maher, R. Stueven, E.Cunningham 4:06.88 17/7/2022, Tullamore
3000m Steeplechase Emily Grennan 11.31.02 26/06/2021, Santry
10K Pauline Curley 33.22 6/06/2005, Dublin
10 Miles Pauline Curley 56.33 5/3/2006, Ballycotton
Half Marathon Pauline Curley 76.18 24/9/2005, Dublin
Marathon Pauline Curley 2:39.05 13/4/2008, Rotterdam
Neville 10 Ann Carroll 59.06 1995
Gowran 8 Ann Carroll 46.46 1995
McNamara 5 Ann Carroll 27.56 1995
Grand National (4 laps) Pauline Curley 16.42 2002
Grand National (3 laps) Ann Carroll 12.06 1997
Midnight Run (3 laps) Ann Carroll 13.38 1995
625Peter English Claire Rafter 1.43.3 April 7, 2017
625Peter English Ava O Connor 1.43.3 2019
Nat. C.C. Ind Pauline Curley 3rd 1997, Whitechurch
Nat. C.C. Team Pauline Curley(6th), Liz Cuskelly (21st), Michelle Mullally(31st), Mary Daly (35th) 4th team 2011, Santry
Long Jump Katelyn Farrelly 5.45 (wind+1.9), 2019, Tullamore
High Jump Shirley Flynn (J) 1.55m 1986
High Jump Katie Deverell 1.55m 18/06/2022
Triple Jump Jana Joha 11.08 (Wind 1.1), 4/6/2016, Tullamore
Discus Frances Craig 36.84m 1980
Shot Putt Laura Jane Carroll 11.15m 30/5/1999, Tullamore
Javelin Frances Craig 28.88m 1979
Hammer Ann Carroll 5.88m 1996
3000m Walk(Indoor) Georgina Tuohey 14.28.07 4/2/2001,Nenagh
5000m Walk Georgina Tuohey 25:03.94 19/8/2000, Santry
20K Walk Georgina Tuohey 1:47.07 1/3/2008, Douglas, IOM
60m(Indoor) Rachel Keane 7.77 2017, Junior Athlone
200m(Indoor) Rachel Keane 25.63 2017, Junior Athlone
60H(Indoor) Eimear Cotter 9.77 2023, NIA Dublin
400m(Indoor) Eileen Rafter 59.15 2013, Juniors Athlone
800m(Indoor) Ava O Connor 2.13.81 2019, U23 Nat AIT
1500m(Indoor) Ann Marie McGlynn 4.26.6 2004, Nat Belfast
1 mile(Indoor) Niamh O Connor N/A 2016, USA
3000m(Indoor) Pauline Curley 9.27.84 2004, Nat Belfast
Long Jump(Indoor) Katelyn Farrelly 5.45 2019, Leinster U17 Athlone
High Jump(Indoor) Katie Deverall 1.55 2023, NIA Dublin
Triple Jump(Indoor) Joha Jana 11.08 2018, AIT Athlone
Shot(Indoor) Laura Jane Carroll 10.91 1999, Juniors Nenagh
3000m(Indoor) Cormac Troy 8.21.95 1997, Nat Nenagh
Long Jump(Indoor) Eoin Hannon 7.73 2009, Juniors Nenagh
High Jump(Indoor) Jan Vesil 1.75 2009, Leinsters Nenagh
Triple Jump(Indoor) Jordan Hoang 14.9 2017, U20 Athlone
3k Walk(Indoor) Georgina Touhey 13.48.7 2009, Nenagh
4 x 200m(Indoor) Katelyn Farrelly, Katie Bourke, Shauna Slattery, Grainne Lalor 1.45.72 2019, Leinster Athlone

2023 Committee

These are the driving force behind our great club. The members listed spend much time making Tullamore Harriers an enjoyable and accessible place for all. The committee of 2023 act as a single entity, driving towards a common goal. Teamwork is integral to the functioning of our club.

Role Name
Chairman Adrian Curley
Secretary Sharon Daly
Treasurer Liam Hennessy
PRO Jack Ryan
Men's Captain Sean Reynolds
Ladies' Captain Rita Daly
Child Welfare Officers Carmel McGreal
Competition Secretary Anna Hyland Guilfoyle
Registrar Mary Daly
Handicapper Joe Wrafter
Juvenile Middle Distance Representative Damien Lawlor & Ann Maria Cunningham
Juvenile Track & Field Representative Ciaran Farrelly & Ray Delaney, Carmel McGreal
Management Tom Beatty
Half Marathon/5K Mary Daly
Social Media Adrian Martin
Youth Retention Anna Hyland
Data Protection Officer Josie Lalor
County Board Delegates Adrian Martin & Mary Daly
General Committee Members John McGowan, Tommy Carberry, Elysia McCormack, Andy O Grady, Finian McDermott

Training Times

Training times for both senior and junior athletes are displayed in the table.

Children in Track & Field Group must turn 9 by year-end(Training Tues/Thurs)

Children in Middle Distance Group must turn 8 by year-end(Training Wed/Fri)

Day(s) Time
Tuesday & Thursday 18:30
Sunday(Except Race Day) 08:30
Wednesday & Friday(Middle Distance) 19:00-20:30
Tuesday and Thursday(Track & Field) 19:00-20:30


"The race is won or lost far away from witnesses behind the lines on the track and out there on the road long before I dance under those lights." -
Mo Farah

4x4 relay club record holders
All Ireland Cross Country Championships
Leinster Indoor Championships
Leinster Cross Country Championships

Leinster Cross Country Championships
Croghan Hill training
Peter English 625
All Ireland Indoor Championships