Tullamore Harriers Report 07th January 2019

Leinster Star Awards 2018

Congratulations to three Tullamore Harriers’ athletes who picked up their Leinster Star Awards in the Bridge House Hotel on Saturday 05th January. Ava O’Connor (Juvenile Female), Daniel Dowling (Junior Male) and Aaron Mangan (Senior Male) earned the awards based on their performances in Leinster Athletic Championship events in the previous year. The three athletes picked up awards for Offaly alongside many other athletes from the province.

Mr. John Cronin, Deputy President and former club chairman made the presentation to our three outstanding athletes. Well done to all and the very best of luck to your future endeavours.


Ava has made steady progress in the last three years and has become a stand out athlete at both provincial and national levels. As she has won numerous medals at these levels her PBs have improved significantly. As a fourteen year old, she ran 2.16 and 4.30 for 800m and 1500m respectively. If she can continue to improve in the coming years she has a great future in the sport. She trains diligently each week in Tullamore and also is enthusiastic every Sunday morning on Croghan Hill. Her dedication is matched by her parents Sinead and Liam’s commitment in bringing Ava to training sessions and competition. Ava’s medal wins in 2018 as follows: 1st U16 Leinster Cross Country; 1st U16 Leinster Indoor 800m; 1st U16 Leinster Indoor 1500m; 1st U16 Leinster Outdoor 800m; 1st U16 Leinster Outdoor 1500m; 1st Junior Leinster Schools 1500m; 1st U16 All Ireland Indoor 800m; 2nd U16 All Ireland Indoor 1500m; 3rd U16 All Ireland Outdoor 800m; 2nd U16 All Ireland Outdoor 1500m; 2nd Junior Girls All Ireland Schools 1500m; 2nd Tailteann Games 1500m.


Daniel is a fine athlete who learns very quickly. He has huge determination and is very competitive, with a never give up attitude. New to athletics his natural athletic ability shone through on the track last year, and we can be sure he has a promising future in whatever sporting endeavours he decides to pursue. Daniel competed in U16 age category in 2018, winning the following medals: 1st Leinster Indoor 60m; 3rd Leinster Indoor 200m; 3rd National Indoor 60m; 2nd Leinster relays; 1st Leinster Outdoor 100m; 2nd Leinster Outdoor 200m.


Aaron had a great year in 2018. He was a top class performer at county, provincial and national events. Aaron races mainly over 800m and 1500m and has improved his PBs by huge margins in the past year. He also has moved up to be a tough competitor in both Junior and Senior ranks. Alongside the medal wins listed below, another great performance for Aaron was the final appearance at the National Senior’s in the 800m. Aaron is a committed trainer and never misses a session in Tullamore or Croghan Hill. He is supported by his parents Pat and Eleesa in his endeavours and is determined to progress in the coming year. Aaron’s medal wins in 2018 as follows: 1st 1500m All Ireland U19 Outdoor Championships; 1st 800m All Ireland U19 Outdoor Championships; 2nd 800m and 1500m All Ireland U20 Indoor Championships and 2nd in 800m at All Ireland U20 Outdoor Championships. Huge congratulations to Aaron too on his achievement in being signed with the Fort Hays State track team in Kansan USA. Aaron will commence his studies and athletics in the college in September 2019.

Around the Houses New Year’s Eve Race

Full Results: Name: Adjusted Actual Handicap Time: Time:

Well done to all who competed in the New Year’s Eve “Round the Houses” race, the last club race of the year! Sandra Busteed was deemed the winner after the handicap times were deducted from the finish times. Top 3 men were: Catch Grennan, Jonathon Dunne and Padraic Sweeney. Top 3 ladies were: Pauline Curley, Nita McLoughlin and Tara McKinney. Well done to all who lined up and raced, to those who marshalled and recorded times and of course to our supporters.

1 Catch Grennan 00:16:36 00:00:45 00:15:21 Fastest Man2 Jonathan Dunne 00:17:07 00:01:00 00:16:07 3 Padraic Sweeney 00:17:12 00:01:50 00:15:22 4 Pauline Curley 00:17:15 00:01:35 00:15:40 Fastest Woman 5 Eanna Gowran 00:17:36 00:01:15 00:16:21 6 Richie Galvin 00:17:47 00:02:20 00:15:27 7 Alan Heffernan 00:17:54 00:02:20 00:15:34 8 Liam Byrne 00:18:10 00:01:50 00:16:20 9 Nita Mcloughlin 00:18:21 00:03:15 00:15:06 Joint 4th Finisher 10 John O’Connell 00:18:30 00:03:05 00:15:25 11 Basil Cronin 00:18:34 00:03:15 00:15:19 12 Leonard Owens 00:18:40 00:03:20 00:15:20 13 Mark Harpur 00:18:52 00:03:20 00:15:32 14 Eugene O’Dea 00:19:13 00:03:25 00:15:48 15 Tara McKinney 00:19:14 00:03:50 00:15:24 16 Sean Reynolds 00:19:21 00:04:00 00:15:21 17 Lesley Cornally 00:19:32 00:03:20 00:16:12 18 Eugene Mann 00:19:33 00:03:35 00:15:58 19 Lar Tierney 00:19:33 00:04:00 00:15:33 20 Paul Shaw 00:19:46 00:04:40 00:15:06 Joint 4th Finisher 21 David Gorry 00:19:48 00:03:35 00:16:13 22 Elysia McCormack 00:19:48 00:04:25 00:15:23 23 Ursula O’ Reilly 00:20:11 00:00:00 00:20:11 Guest 24 Rita Daly 00:20:19 00:04:25 00:15:54 25 Sean Spollen 00:20:20 00:04:40 00:15:40 26 Mary Daly 00:20:58 00:05:35 00:15:23 27 Mags Grennan 00:21:03 00:05:20 00:15:43 28 Ray Murray 00:21:10 00:05:45 00:15:25 29 Pat Conlon 00:21:18 00:00:10 00:21:08 Guest 30 Sarah Stephens 00:21:28 00:03:50 00:17:38 31 Martina Conlon 00:21:34 00:06:35 00:14:59 3rd Finisher 32 Paddy Rowland 00:21:58 00:06:50 00:15:08 33 Helena Buckley 00:22:08 00:06:00 00:16:08 34 Mary Hussey 00:22:23 00:07:05 00:15:18 35 Amanda Owens 00:22:27 00:07:50 00:14:37 2nd Finisher 36 Joe Owens 00:22:48 00:00:00 00:22:48 Guest 37 Trish Rusk 00:22:50 00:00:00 00:22:50 Guest 38 Fallon Conlon 00:23:28 00:07:50 00:15:38 39 Sandra Busted 00:24:35 00:10:00 00:14:35 Race Winner 40 John McGowan 00:24:46 00:09:25 00:15:21 41 Aisling McCormack 00:24:55 00:09:25 00:15:30 42 Michael McConigley 00:25:35 00:07:30 00:18:05 43 Josie Lalor 00:25:41 00:08:35 00:17:06 44 Aisling Farrell 00:26:01 00:00:00 00:26:01 Guest 45 Joanne Kelly 00:26:07 00:09:25 00:16:42 46 Dara Byrne 00:26:21 00:09:25 00:16:56 47 Ann Marie Lawlor 00:27:27 00:10:00 00:17:27 48 Jim Langan 00:27:41 00:09:00 00:18:41 49 Jim Dolan 00:28:09 00:11:00 00:17:09

C25K 2019!

Why not join us in January and let us help you become fitter while taking on a super challenge. Starting on Monday 07th January and every Monday and Wednesday at 6.30pm you will have the support of Tullamore Harriers for the c25k 10 week programme. Gift vouchers available. Last year we had our first ever c25k and it was a huge success and most of all it was lots of fun. For more information, please contact Anna Hyland Guilfoyle, 086-8248928 or Leslie Buckley, 087-6130971. See also Tullamore Harriers Facebook page.

The Tullamore Harriers Book

The recently published Tullamore Harriers History Book is available to buy in: Ready2Run, Tyrrells Bakery, Dolan’s Gala Shop, Tullamore Hardware, Cards & Things, Heatwise and Centra Fingerboard for only €20 for a great read on the History of Tullamore Harriers. The book is also available to buy in Offaly History bookshop or online, https://www.offalyhistory.com/shop

Tullamore Harriers Half Marathon 2019

Registration is now opens for the 2019 Tullamore Harriers Quinlan Cup Half Marathon. The 7th annual event will take place on Saturday 31st August 2019. Last year we sold out early and unfortunately many were disappointed they didn’t make the cut off of 1000 entries. Again this year we will cap the entries at 1000 so please register to secure your place. The relay race will go ahead again this year. The Leinster and Offaly Half Marathon Championships will be incorporated into this year’s race. Every year we get huge positive feedback from participants and spectators alike who praise the friendly atmosphere and quality of the Tullamore Harriers Half Marathon. So sign up now and be part of it. https://register.primoevents.com/…/QuinlanCupHalfMarathon20… Full details about the race is on our website. http://tullamoreharriers.com/about-the-race/


Sun 20th January Offaly Indoor Championships (Juvenile & Senior), Athlone IT A list of AAI-licensed fixtures is available on www.athleticsireland.ie


Training for adults every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm and Sunday at 8.00am except on race days. New members always welcome. Please contact Leslie Buckley 087-6130971 or Anna Hyland Guilfoyle 086-8248928 or any club member. Full details regarding Juvenile training on tullamoreharriers.com.

Club Registration

Membership forms for 2019 are available in the clubhouse. Please contact Club Registrar Ann Coughlan for further details.

Access to Harriers Facilities

Please note that use of the club’s facilities, including the tarmac track, is restricted to members of the club.